Case Study: eMarketingEye and Themes Resorts & Spas delivers exceptional results with Online Hotel Voucher System, first time in Sri Lanka

Background Story

Hospitality industry became one of the most severely affected industries around the world due to Covid-19 Pandemic. We are now starting to see some positive signs; however, the situation was much worse in late in Apr/May 2020. With various lockdowns and travel restrictions imposed, people were at home with uncertainty of not knowing what’s going to happen next and their travel plans came to a near-standstill.

That was when eMarketingEye came up with this idea to find a solution for people who are dreaming & willing to travel, and to offer them the flexibility & confidence to decided when they want to do so. With this concept, an online hotel Voucher system was born.

This idea was transformed to a product; VouchersEye and the next challenge was to convince hotels to step up and try the system. Reaching out to hotels that were willing to come up with attractive offers, packages, experiences to be sold on the system and integrate their payment gateway etc. were few of the criteria that were looked into.

As usual Theme Resorts and Spas showed willingness to try the idea without any hesitation. Both teams work hand in hand to make the campaign successful. Since this is the first ever Online Hotel Voucher system (, we had no idea how the market would react although our analysis and research gave so much of confidence that this would be a great success.

“Launching online hotel voucher system for the first time in Sri Lanka”


Campaign Period: 21st May 2020 to 20th June 2020

Voucher system performed exceptionally well, attracting potential travelers to site. The combination of attractive vouchers, smooth buying process, user friendly & device responsiveness of the website were key factors that gave customers the confidence to purchase vouchers online. Below are some interesting statistics we saw during the first 30days of the launch.

LKR 7,000,000

Sales Revenue


Room Nights

LKR 230,000

Avg. Sales Per Day

350+ Vouchers



Visitors to the Website

Majority of the voucher purchases came from mobile users showing the importance of mobile friendliness of any web application.

While the voucher campaign generating over 450 Room nights the brand website equally showed encouraging results with over 1,000 room nights during the same period. This clearly showed the voucher system always complement the current distribution channels.

The voucher campaign was primarily focusing on Social Media organic reach, SEO and E-mail Marketing while a small advertising campaign was launched. Total spend of the campaign was less than USD 500.00

“Highest daily revenue of LKR 465,000 was recorded on 11th June 2020”

“Just after the COVID-19 was declared a pandemic by the WHO, our first impulse was to reach out to our guests in order to identify how the situation would change the behaviour of the local traveler. Accordingly, we launched several surveys to identify the concerns of the domestic traveler, which proved that the biggest concern of the traveler was the uncertainty of his travel dates. I personally believe that there are three aspect that decide the success of any product or service offer; The attractiveness of the offer to the target market, it’s delivery mechanism, and the marketing campaign you do around the offer. As the usual delivery mechanism would not prove effective under the present circumstances, we reached out to our Digital Solution Partner.

Together with eMarketingEye, we were able to come up with the perfect solution to this matter, VouchersEye.

"We, at Theme Resorts & Spas, have always been eager to take risks and to implement new strategies despite the changes that affected tourism throughout the years. We have always been one step ahead in identifying the customer needs and the first to enter the market with attractive offers that best suit the travel needs. We are proud to hold the trust of a strong local customer base that has always been confident in embracing our new products and offers as they have always experienced the best at our properties. In my point of view, our loyalty to our customers and our willingness to accept change and move forward are the reasons that instigated the success of this novel venture.”

Nimesh Herath, Group Manager Marketing & E-commerce, Theme Resorts and Spas

“The Voucher system is mobile friendly, smooth and provides easy to use buying process. It allows the hotels to sell multiple vouchers from different hotels at the same time. We have also enabled partial redemption, so the hoteliers have the option to make the offer flexible for its customers. It also comes with an advanced reporting and dashboard and easy to use backend. Payment gateway integration already done so the hotels can start running the campaign in a matter of few days.

We consider it as our duty to be innovative and support the industry being the leader in Digital Marketing for Hospitality Industry in Sri Lanka. It is our pride to share our experience and expertise in running digital campaigns for top brands in Asia Pacific. This was yet another successful initiative by eMarketingEye and we are very happy to see fantastic results. We will continue to be innovative & strive to be the best, so we can help both the Hospitality Industry & our clients”

Rajitha Dahanayake, CEO – eMarketingEye


What we learnt?

  • Timing
    When to launch is very critical. The system was launched right on time when people were thinking of travel plans
  • Technology
    No great idea would work without proper execution. The technology and product features mattered a lot. It’s not just about selling a voucher, its about allowing to be flexible and managing the process afterwards.
  • Value Additions
    The vouchers were not just room nights. There was a range of value additions such as free massages, hotel credit to flexible Check-In / Check-Out times etc...
  • Flexibility
    Flexibility offered to the customer matters a lot. The Voucher system gave confidence to the consumer to leisurely plan their travel and flexibility to decide when they want to travel. It’s not just a great deal but also a confidence booster to travel on their own leisure time.

Why sell Vouchers Online?

  • Immediate Revenue
    Sell hotel vouchers online to be redeemed at a future date
  • Offers and Promotions
    Offer discounts on voucher values by offering cash discounts and value adds.
  • Portal works 24x7
    Online portal that works 24x7 generating online revenue
  • Reach New Customers, Markets
    Helps reaching new customers, new market segments and brings a new sales channel to your business
  • High Return on Investment (ROI)
    Makes it an efficient distribution channel

What We Offer?

  • Quick setup & easy to use system Replaces the complicated offline gift certificate / voucher process allows anyone to buy your gift certificates online easily
  • Free Design of Vouchers targeting various client segments and occasions
  • No monthly fee, we will only be charging a small transaction fee as a % of the transaction value
  • Includes Payment gateway integration without any additional charge
  • End to End tracking with advanced analytics implementation
  • Free consultation on SEO, Digital Marketing strategy to generate sales through your online voucher system

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About eMarketingEye

An award-winning digital marketing agency focusing on Hospitality Industry. Our team has built top class websites and has run successful digital campaigns for hotels and restaurants across Asia for top hospitality brands including Anantara Hotel and Resorts, Pan Pacific Hotels, InterContinental Hotels, Park Hotel Group, Oaks Hotels and Resorts, Berjaya Hotels and Resorts etc.  Locally we work with Brands such as Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts, Aitken Spence Hotels, Uga Escapes, Asia Leisure, Mount Lavinia Hotel etc.

We are proud to be considered as a specialist in Digital Marketing for Hospitality currently serving over 1000 clients across Asia Pacific. eMarketingEye handles over USD 10 Million annual budgets covering Google Ads, Search 360, Bing, DV360 and Facebook platforms

The company had won over 240 Awards locally and internationally for Digital Marketing Campaigns and Web Development Projects we have carried during the last 13 years of operations. The Most recent was the Best Digital Marketing Agency of the Year Overall and Travel Sector Awards at SLT Zero One Awards.


About Theme Resorts and Spas

Known to feature some of the best resorts in Sri Lanka, Theme Resorts & Spas offers a new concept and experience in the hospitality industry in Sri Lanka. Within a decade of its inception, the chain has grown immensely, and owns and manages as of today, nine diversified properties from boutique resorts to bungalows and experiential boutiques.

Providing excellent service whilst encouraging the inherent warm hospitality that Sri Lankans are famed for, Theme Resorts & Spas has set the bar very high, right from the inception of their flagship property, Maalu Maalu Resort & Spa in Passekudah. Now eager to launch their debut hostel chain “Stay Lost & Found”, Theme Resorts & Spas has offered the travelers with a unique experience with each of their properties, featuring strong themes of Sri Lankan culture, the areas’ natural beauty as well as cuisine of the region.

Conscious of emerging trends and global changes affecting the industry, yet treasuring Sri Lanka’s ancient cultural heritage, Theme Resorts & Spas escorts their guests on a sensational journey of discovery, style and luxury.