Internet Booking Engine

BookingEye is a web-based hotel reservations system that offers individual hotels and hotel chains the opportunity to own their web rates online, offering best available rates or customized special offers based on market demands. A customizable reservations solution which offers the flexibility needed to leverage the client website as an effective distribution channel. This gives the client the opportunity to own their own web rates online, offering the best available rates or customized special offers based on market demands.

Why BookingEye?

Already used by over 100 hotels and resorts in Sri Lanka including top brands such as Theme Resorts and Spas, Uga Escapes, Amaya Hotels and Resorts etc.
Convenience to Customers
Provides convenience to your customers and let them overcome the hassle of bank transfers, visiting your offices
Immediate Revenue
All online bookings are processed instantly, and money is directly transferred to your bank account.
Quick setup & easy to use system
It’s easy to setup and integrated with top payment gateways. You can have your booking engine up and running in a matter of days
E-commerce solution that works 24x7
A solution that operates 24x7 allows your customers to make reservations without any assistance

What We Offer?

  • A solution built on advanced technology platform with easy to use backend and detailed report capabilities
  • E-commerce expertise. eMarketingEye team consist of E-commerce consultants and strategists with years of experience in handling E-commerce strategy for top brands across Asia Pacific
  • Includes Payment gateway integration without any additional charge.
  • End to End tracking with advanced analytics implementation
  • Low Distribution cost, we understand that the profit margins are becoming smaller, our fees are flexible and you have option to chose fix and variable payments options
Features and Functionalities
Customized Design

A design that reflects your brand identity which works as an extension of your storefront

Mobile Compatibility and Integrations

Responsive and mobile compatible booking engine ensures easy booking process for customers using multiple devices. Advanced integrations to third party solutions such as leading Channel managers allows hotels to manage rates and inventory through a common platform

Special Offers

Ability to setup offers based on pre-defined rules such as lead time, number of nights, length of stay etc. The system also offers the ability to setup Promo Codes.

Ability to Upsell

Value Add module enable hotels to up sell other services such as transport, spa, dining, excursion, gift vouchers etc.

Payment Gateway Integrations / Custom Invoicing

Payment gateway integrations to top Banks and Credit Cards allows instant payments transferred to customer’s bank. Custom invoice generating feature for ad hoc payment processing for who calls on the call centre.

Handling Credit Card Offers

Special module to handle credit card offers by bank, card type etc. allowing hotels to run offers online

Local and International Rates

Ability to enter different rates based on currency type.

Easy to use Backend

Users can be created with pre-defined access rights that govern view / modify / approve capabilities. Easy to use Backend allows to manage rates, inventory, setup offers etc. Reporting functionality allows retrieving reports by room type, country of origin, with data exports in MS Excel format.

Reporting & Analytics

With a data-driven approach our system provides you reporting and analytics features allowing you to constantly track and monitor your hotel’s performance.

Controlled Access

Manage your admin and registered users all in one place by simply defining their access controls.

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Why work with eMarketingEye?

  • Most awarded Digital Marketing Agency in Sri Lanka.Awarded the “Best Digital Media Agency” at SLT Zero One Awards. eMarketingEye has won over 250 local and international awards including awards such as Best SME Agency of the Year by Google, ICT Services sector Award Winner at National Business Excellence Awards etc.

  • Stability. Established in 2007 we are in the Digital Marketing / Technology business for last 15 years.

  • Experienced. A dynamic team with over 100 qualified professionals in digital marketing and technology with experience in running Digital Marketing campaigns and building technology platforms for world’s top hospitality brands across Asia Pacific.

  • Certified. Google Marketing Platform and Google Analytics Certified Partner for close to a decade. Sri Lanka’s first to be Certified for SA 360 advertising platform

  • Proven.Working with over 1200 clients across Asia Pacific including some of the world’s top hospitality brands. Managing over USD 10 Million of ad spend annually on behalf of the clients

Featured Clients

Asia Leisure

Asia Leisure 16803/16804/16805/16808/16809/16810

Theme Resorts & Spas

Theme Resorts & Spas 16803/16804/16805/16808/16809/16810

Uga Escapes

Uga Escapes 16803/16804/16805/16808/16809/16810
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